American Computer and Electronics Corporation

AT&T Network Systems

Axon Networks Inc.

Barrnet Bellcore

BICC-VERO Electronics, Inc.

Boeing BT

Bull Worldwide Information Systems

Cabletron Systems Inc.

Carnegie Mellon

Chipcom Corporation

Computer Associates

Danet/Wandel & Golterman

Desktalk Systems, Inc.

Digital Equipment Corporation

Dest Corp.

Epilogue Technology Corporation


Frontier Software Development

GSI-Danet, inc.

Hekimian Laboratories

Hewlett-Packard Company

IBM Corporation

Isicad, inc.

Isir Global Telecom

Liberty Electronics

Metaaccess, inc.

Metrix Network Systems, inc.

National Institute of Standards & Technology

Ncc Systems Engineering

Ncr Corporation Netlabs, inc.

Network Application Technology

Network Management Forum

Networx Incorporated

Newbridge Networks, inc.

Nynex Allink Company

Objective Systems Integrators

Pacific Bell

Remedy Corporation

SNMP Research, inc.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, ltd.

Sunconnect SV-Systems, inc.

Synoptics Communications, inc.

Sun Microsystems inc.

The Aerospace Corporation

The Target Group

University College, London




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