2000 IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium is sponsored by the

IEEE Communications Society's Technical Committee on Network Operations and Management (CNOM),
with technical co-sponsorship from the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)
Working Group 6.6 on Network Managment.


Letter from the General Chair


Come to NOMS 2000, the thirteenth in the series of annual NOMS and IM (IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Network Management) symposia, focusing on the pivotal role that network operations and management plays in worldwide information networking. As the premier symposium in our profession, NOMS in 2000 continues the highly-regarded series sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society and IFIP Working Group 6.6 on Network Management.

In the spirit of this series, NOMS features a world-class program of renowned keynote speakers, many high-quality technical sessions and over sixteen very timely tutorials presented by recognized leaders in their field. And you wonÕt want to miss the lively and informative panel of Distinguished Experts who will discuss the critical issues that surround, "The Networked Planet: Management Beyond 2000." Given the revolutionary role played by the Internet in creating the Networked Planet Š and beyond Š world-renowned Internet pioneer Vint Cerf will be a Featured Speaker at NOMS 2000.

A special feature is the participation of vendors who will provide demonstrations and presentations of their latest network and systems management strategies, products and services. Again, we are incorporating the ever popular "birds-of-a-feather" ad hoc discussion groups, and highlighting even more our poster sessions. The poster sessions will offer a more intensive, less formal and more interactive presentation style than the regular technical sessions, and will help accommodate the record number of high-quality submissions received by the Program Committee.

At NOMS 2000, you will be able to see, hear and learn the strategies you need to move forward in the new millennium. Reviews of the submissions show that we will have a very-high quality program with an excellent mix of topics, organizations and international contributions. All this adds up to five powerful days that strongly respond to your current needs and will provide long lasting business and career value.

The NOMS 2000 site, the world-class Hilton Hawaiian Village, on the beach at Waikiki, is ideally suited for our professional event and affords an excellent opportunity for you, friends and family to experience the beautiful Hawaiian islands. And our specially-negotiated room rates and highly-competitive air fares will help keep costs down for those on a budget.

Catch the spirit of NOMS 2000! Experience the global cooperation established at previous NOMS and IMÕs and join us again to meet your friends, colleagues, and competitors.

This booklet provides all the information you need to plan an enlightening and enjoyable week at NOMS 2000.

Douglas N. Zuckerman
General Chair


Letter from the Technical Program Chairs

The Networked Planet: Management Beyond 2000

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the year 2000 IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS 2000). Over the past decade, we have seen NOMS technical programs grow in strength and quality as network operation and management has followed the explosion of the Internet and has become mission critical to our entire industry. We have prepared another excellent program for the participants of NOMS 2000 around the theme of "The Networked Planet: Management Beyond 2000".

The NOMS 2000 technical program is a well integrated program with the key areas such as QoS management, the Internet's impact on network operations and management, and the technologies and frameworks that will enable "Management Beyond 2000". The keynote speeches, technical and poster presentations, tutorials, and panel discussions will focus on these key areas in addition to the classic areas of fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security management.

We have received a record number of paper submissions, 205 in total, and accepted 61 high-quality papers for technical presentations in NOMS 2000 after a rigorous review process. Each paper was reviewed by at least four international experts and then assessed by the program committee. We also have two poster sessions with papers that represent the latest ongoing research and development work on network operations and management. We see much symbolism in and around NOMS 2000, its timing and its staging. For example, the inception of our technical program truly owes to our "Networked Planet". Most of our marketing, paper submission and review processes were conducted using email and the Web. There is a palpable sense of awe in holding this event on a millennium boundary, relative to the calendar that many of us are grounded in. Hawaii as a location does conjure up East-West bridges, and this is borne out in our representation from the Asia-Pacific region as well as from the Americas and Europe. Your technical Co-Chairs are also a great example of East-West cooperation!

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the authors of the technical papers and posters, without whom this symposium would not have been possible and, as well, thanks to the program committee, session chairs and a world-wide cadre of expert reviewers who all worked very hard on the paper review process. Many thanks to all who raised the NOMS 2000 technical program to this level of excellence and WELCOME TO THE NEW MILLENNIUM OF NETWORK OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT.

James W. Hong,
Technical Program Co-Chair

Robert Weihmayer,
Technical Program Co-Chair


Any questions or problems, please contact noms2000@comsoc.org